Common Windows Errors

What is a Memory Leak?

This article discusses what memory leaks are and lists some possible causes of memory leaks. Additionally, this article discusses the perceived memory leak and how it can be misinterpreted as a true memory leak. View Article

General Protection Fault Errors

All protection violations that do not cause another exception cause a general protection exception. This can be caused by several factors. View Article

Invalid Page Fault Errors

An "invalid page fault" error message often indicates that a program improperly attempted to use random access memory (RAM). For example, this error message can occur if a program or a Windows component reads or writes to a memory location that is not allocated to it. When this behavior occurs, the program can potentially overwrite and corrupt other program code in that area of memory. View Article

Fatal Exception Error Messages

Fatal exception errors are codes that are returned by a program in the following cases: access to an illegal instruction has been encountered, invalid data or code has been accessed, or the privilege level of an operation is invalid. View Article

Windows Protection Error Messages

This behavior can occur when a when your computer loads or unloads a virtual device driver (VxD). In many cases, the VxD that did not load or unload is mentioned in the error message. In other cases, you may not be able to determine which VxD caused the behavior. View Article

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